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Shield Our Eyes: Lawmakers Across the Country Must Ensure Eye Surgery Can Only Be Performed by Medical Eye Surgeons

David Aizuss MD 

Training and experience matter, especially when health is on the line. Just as one would rightly be concerned to discover a flight attendant, rather than a pilot, flying their airplane, so too would most people be alarmed to find the person performing surgery on and around their eyes is not a medical doctor or trained surgeon.

Know Your Eyes

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If you’d like to help us fight to keep surgery in the hands of surgeons in Washington State, please donate to our the Safe Surgery Fund today. 

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Vision for Washington provides valuable eye care and eye health information and tools for Washington state residents and visitors. We share resources that educate patients about vision problems and how to stay healthy. Vision for Washington is operated on behalf of WAEPS. Can’t find what you need? Contact us here.

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